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About Our Farm Market


Agriculture is an important part of our local heritage, and we believe it is important to support our local growers and to introduce both local residents and visitors alike to fresh produce, meats, cheese, flowers, herbs, plants, etc., grown and produced locally. This provides an important revenue stream for local growers.


South Haven Farm Market is committed to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest quality and locally produced products available. Although South Haven Farm Market will not be bound to apply a particular set of selection criteria in every instance and must reserve unconditional discretion to accept or refuse anyone as a South Haven Farm Market vendor, the market considers many factors when evaluating vendor applications.


Products Welcome at South Haven Farm Market


  • All agricultural products must be grown in Michigan

  • Agriculture/horticultural producers may display and sell "value-added" products, as long as a substantial portion of the ingredients are wild-gathered or grown by the vendor and that all applicable state health department regulations are followed. All products must be preapproved by Market Management before being sold at the market.

  • All agricultural products must be grown or wild-gathered by the farmer/vendor or their on-farm assistants. There should be no reselling of produce or any agricultural products of unknown origin. All vendors are subject to inspection, or other verification, of capacity to produce by the Market Manager. Written notice or a phone call will be made prior to inspection.

  • There are limited amount of spaces for non-agriculture/ artisan vendors. Applications will be assessed and priority given to locally sourced and made products and agriculturally based products.

  • South Haven Farm Market reserves the right to allow special promotions and festivals and other agricultural  or locally made products on designated occasions.


City of South Haven Ordinance prohibits pets under the Huron St. Pavilion of the Farm Market. 

Registered service animals are permitted.

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